Perfectly Imperfect updated Part – 4

PART – 4

Geet returned in same drunken state. Not in senses. Thanks to Mr. Handa’s guards who brought her back safely, every night.

Next morning Sukhdev Lal Handa went to meet the person he called. He was tensed and scared for her future. Nothing going good with his only treasure,his grand daughter.

Ranjit Khurana’s jet lands. Porch was stood in his welcome. Arpita arranged everything for his comfort. “Good noon sir.” He greets him.

Chauffer welcome him and put his luggage in car. One guard opened the door for him. “Sir in 20 minutes we will be at your hotel.” He informed.

“No, first I visit my friend. So move the car to his mansion.” He instructed the chauffer as his heart felt restlessness and only get peace when he met with his friend.

“Alright sir.” He nodded and changed the route.

“It’s 12:35 pm and Geet still sleeping. Sukhdev just returned from his meeting when his servant informed him about friend’s arrival.

His long vanished smile returned to his dried lips. His eyes glitters after ages. His step paced to see his friend. Sukhdev Lal Handa walked in pace to meet. Both friends were happy to see each other after such a long time. He hug him and their eyes moistening together.

“How are you?” Both asked together and laugh. He took him for breakfast so they could talk with peace.

It’s 1 am in India. Dev and Meera were talking over phone. He shares everything with her. “Meera I am worried. What if bro find out where is Grandpa.” He sound so low.

“Yeah it’s a serious matter. I think aunt should tell him the truth. Because later if he find out from some other source. He will be angry and hurt both.” She was also thinking about Maan’s reaction. She was Dev’s close friend and know whole family since they were 5. She visit KM casually and now the behavior of his family members.

“Yeah.” He sighed.

“Dev don’t take stress. We will talk in a morning. It’s too late now.” She know he was tense so tried to change his mind. “Today we have a test. I hope you prepared?”

“Yes I do. And if I struck somewhere then you are there for me.” He laughed.

“Sorry but I am not gonna help you in cheating.” She denied.

“But you are my friend.” He start buttering her.

“Sorry. In exams no friendship. Because I don’t want you to depend on any one for any matter. Jo bhi karo apne basis pe karo. Now go and sleep. Good night.” She told him straight and same time boost him indirectly.

He laughed again. “Good night.”

Sun dawn. Maan glanced at his wrist watch and called his grandfather. He wants to hear about his health. “How are you grandpa?” He asked casually.

“I am good junior.” He replied formally.

“And your friend Mr. Handa.” He asked straight and left his mother who was stood next to him, and his grand father both at same time.

Arpita stole eyes from him and his grandfather shook his head. “He is fine now..” he replied in a cold voice,knowing there is no use of lying any more.

“Great. So when will you come back grandpa?” Maan wants to know how long he planned to stay there with his friend.

“Very soon son.”

“Alright.” He said and cut the call. Arpita tried to avoid him as she knew now its her turn to be questioned by him. “Wait a minute mom.” He stopped her and walked to confront her. “Next time when you think of lying or hiding something, then make sure you do your homework properly. Our old client who lived in Canterbury, died 5 years ago.” His voice was stern and jaw clenched hard.

“Wo actually…” Arpita felt ashamed. She felt small before her son as he caught her lie.

Maan was angry so he left without hearing any excuse of her. He reached to his office. Rahul knocked and asked for information.

“Yes Rahul.” he allowed him.

“Sir there is a problem in our U.S project.” He sound dull.

“What happened?” He asked staring at him.

“Sir the authorities there causing trouble. I think only you can handle them.” He told him.

“Hmm.” he hummed and Rahul left his cabin.

Maan was worried. “How can I left for U.S. if I stay there for whole 6 months who will be with them. All are like kids. No I can’t leave my family for this long. But if I not go there company face a big loss. Now what would I do?” Maan was in deep thought. Neither he want loss for his company nor he wants to leave his family who needs his protection.

Ranjit himself saw Geet and her ways. He understood what Sukhdev must be going through. “Sukhi what’s going on?” He asked straight.

He held his friends hand. “Ranjit trust me my princess is not bad as media showing her. I know she adapt some bad habits but there is a reason and you know that.” He said in a dull voice like his face.

Ranjit thought for a second. “Sukhi I think you should get her marry. I am sure she would leave all her bad habits after that.” He suggested her.

“You think i didn’t try. Its not easy. First my princess isn’t ready for marriage. Second no boy of good family will accept her as his bride. You know her image. If someone get ready then only for my money. Aise insaan k hath kaise saunp du apni bachhi ko?” His forehead squeezed and corner of his eyes turn moist again.

“Don’t loose hope my friend. You know when we started we have nothing in hand. Zero se hum yaha tak aaye hai. I know this problem is serious but not as much that we can’t handle. Main baat karu Geet se? Who know she like someone and if you find him good then we will go for it.” He wants to talk with Geet.

Sukhdev stared him in doubt. He wasn’t sure that if he get any success in this matter. “See I will not assured you for anything but if you want you can try.”

Geet was ready to leave for her night life. Fortunately both caught her before she lefts. “Geet puttar come here.” Sukhdev called her and formally introduced with his friend as Geet was so small when she met Khuranas and afterwards she never went back to India. Geet greets him.

“Dadu I am leaving.” She told him flat.

“NO. ” He roared. “You are not going anywhere. Sit here. He wants to talk with you.” He told her.

She stared him but he made her obey. Geet sat and he left. “It’s okay beta I am not going to bore you.” He trying to made her comfortable.

“I know apko kya baat karni hai. But I am not interested.” She told straigh on his face.

He smiled seeing her attitude similar to his junior. “Wow I am impressed. You already know what I am going to say. Okay now you tell me what I want to say?” He tackled her in his own way. Geet was silent. Not say word. So he insisted again.

“Uncle please spare me. I know you are going to talk about my image. But I don’t care what other thinks about me. I live my life in my own way and none has a right to judge me. If they want they can but I am not going to justify myself to anyone. Not even to you. So please stop wasting our both time. Good bye.” She blasted. She was frustrated and out of control. She doesn’t like if anyone poke in her personal space. Geet stood up and walked away.

Sukhdev who was hearing every thing from far away, appeared in the room again. “I told you.” His lashed was lowered out of guilty.

“Don’t be upset. I know how to handle her. I have one in my eye who can handle her and I am sure she will change. Surely change. She is not dumb Sukhi. She understands everything just need a one who tame her with every needed effort.” He gave his prediction after their conversation.

Sukhdev was scared. “Who?”

“My junior. My grandson Maan.” He said proudly.

“Will he…?” Sukhdev was scared and worried both at same time as he knew how is he.

Ranjit held his arms. “Don’t scared. Trust he will never do anything with her which gave her pain but yes he will put her on right track for sure.”

“But Geet is not going to ready and what if Maan rejects her?” He was doubtful…



PART – 3

Maan doesn’t want to argue with his family and for a girl who is filthy for him so he sealed his lips and left for office.

Dev scanned both his grandfather and mother. “Mom…” He wants to know but his mother cut him in between.

“Dev finish your breakfast. You are getting late for your college.” It’s a clear signal that no question and query would be answered by them so he turned silent.

Meera was waiting for him in college. Seeing his face she knew so much running in his mind. “Now why you look so distracted?”

“Because of Geet.” He simply told her.

“Geet now what she did. I saw some news about her as she is grand daughter of famous tycoon Sukhdev Lal Handa.” She was curious about her. “But why you are looking tense?”

“Actually her grandfather is best friend of my grand pa. So you see both my grandpa and mom have a soft corner for her. But I always read bad things about her. You follow her news so you too know how much spoiled she is. Her affairs, night out…” Before Dev completed Meera interrupt.

“Wait wait wait. Dev I know about her through news and social media. But still I am not getting what is your agenda?” She stare his tensed face.

“See I never met her so I don’t know what is the truth. But I saw whenever her topic comes my family got disturbed. You know bro. He set rules in his life. How much calculative he is for everything.”

“So what?”

“So I don’t like because of an outsider my family start arguing. According to bro she is born to ruined her family, but grandpa don’t think this way and both start arguing.” He explains.

“Dev everyone has their own way to see the life and a person. I know it’s quite difficult for us to take her side. Maan bhai reacts the way he thinks. But I think dadu knows best as he saw life more than us. How can we say she is doing wrong or not because I don’t trust media blindly. Account to me we should not make our opinion without knowing facts fully. And you don’t worry about them. It’s just a healthy discussion. Maan bhai loves all of you so much.” She made him understood and took his worries.

Maan forgot about the morning argument as he set his goals and had no time to waste on people like her. He wants to expand his business and only focused on that but his grand father still struck over the morning incident.

Arpita sensed his tension and asked. “Papa forgive him. You know how is he?” She apologized on her son’s behalf.

“Beta I am not angry with junior. You know what he is to me. But I am worried for my friend Sukhi… As you see how he react in morning. Likewise all other too taunts Sukhi for all this. He is alone handling everything.” His voice wobble out of the emotional trauma he is going through. His heart was aching thinking about his friend’s condition.

Arpita sat next to him. “Papa he is a strong man.” She trying to console the old man sitting before her but she knew nothing could compose his anxiety.

“But he is aged. I have all of you. My junior who took all my responsibility over his shoulders. But he is alone. No one is there to take care of him. He lost all. Now only have a grand daughter. Or uske baare me b aaye dinn kuchh na kuchh ulta seedha chhapta hi rehta hai. Like Maan create her image through these news, everyone made like that. Just think about him. How he was handling alone all this mental torture.” His eyes welled up thinking about his friend and the difficulties he was facing.

She saw him broken and think for a moment. “Papa you wanna meet him?” She asked seeing no other option.

He smiles in tears. “Yes beta.” It’s like she said his unsaid wish. “But junior…” He had a doubt regarding Maan’s reaction over this decision.

“You don’t worry about him. I’ll handle him.” She assured her father in law who sat so disheartened. “Aap bas ready ho jaiye. Till the time I will do the arrangements.”

He is old so she doesn’t want him to face any trouble in traveling. Ranjit Singh khurana got ready to fly through private jet. Arpita done all the arrangements and without telling Maan he left for Vancouver.

It’s a long journey. Hectic and long which made her worried but more she was fears was her son’s reaction. She knew him very well. First it’s his grandfather’s health which might get affected. Second he doesn’t want his family keep any relationship with Hands because of the negative publicity they earned because of Geet.

In evening Maan arrived and found his grandfather missing. He asked straight from his mother. though she tried to avoid topic but deep inside she knew, it’s not an easy. Samarth was like the same.

“Maan see. Today I cook all your favorite dishes.” Arpita tried to distracted him.

“Thanks mom. But where is grandpa? Where is he?” He asked softly.

“Wo…wo….” She is stammering.

“What ha mom. He is fine. Right?” Not getting proper reply he got worried for him..

“Mom where is he?” He asked in a serious tone.

“He is not at home.” She replied without glancing at him.

“Not at home. Then where is he?” He glanced at his mother and brother one by one.

“Bro he is going to Ca…” Dev was about to spill the beans.

“He is actually going to Canterbury.” She lied.

“He went to Canterbury and no one inform me. And when I am asking where is he still you not answering me. Now why he is going there suddenly?” He got angry.

“Wo actually their old business partner was ill and when he got news about him, he got worried and wants to meet him. So everything was happened in hurry.” She covered up.

He got serious at the need of situation. “But mom you shouldn’t let him go. What if his health get affected?” He was worried for his grandfather.

“I can’t see him worried so I suggested him to see his business partner.” She lied to keep the volcano calm.

“Hmm… When he lefts?” He enquired about the timing so he himself called and heard him.

Somehow Arpita handle the situation but don’t know how long…

Vancouver :

He arrived home to found the same loneliness. Geet was missing again. All he found was the stuff she buy in the morning. Whole room was stuffed with her shopping. It seems she spend all of the money he gave her in the morning. He summoned her maid.

“When she lefts?” He enquired.

“At 9:45.” She informed.

He checked his wrist watch. Showing 10 pm. “Where were her guards?” He asked strongly.

“They were following her as per your instructions.” She assured the old man.

He dialled someone. “Hello when I meet you? It’s urgent.”

“Okay. You can visit sharp at 11 in the morning.” The other side voice confirmed the time.

“Thank you.” He said and cut the call.