PART – 14

It’s was 12 when she took her bath. Geet just wore her bath robe and come out.

It’s late night and all servants left to their quarters. Geet heard some sound and went out to check it. She walked into the direction of source. Maan was doing tai chai in mansion’s gym area. Geet tried to hide her presence so she hides behind the pillar and saw him from distance.

He stopped and threw water on his face and hairs. Her heart thumped at the sight of his wet body. Her eyes travelled from his torso to his perfect m shaped lips. She found herself spellbound. Even after trying of running from there she froze.

His chest was dripping with water beads along with sweat. Her mouth dried and he seems to be diet can to her. Perfectly hard, having water droplets travelling over his toned muscles. Her body shaking with need. She was throbbing between her legs. Her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her core flooded with liquid heat, and she wants to rubbed her body against him in frustrated passion. She needed to feel his heated skin against hers.

Geet tried to look anywhere but him. The attraction between them was now getting out of control for her. Her hands fists the soft fabric of her bathrobe and she trying harder to remind herself who was he. “Stop gazing him like hungry wolf Geet. He is also like others. Mean and jerk. Stop looking at him.” She constantly repeating in her mind when a strong hand pulled her away.

He backed her up against the wall. “You think you’re so smart?” Geet’s heart was slamming into her chest. Speechless, she shook her head.

His dark eyes staring into her deep oceans eyes. Is she an easy prey. Never but what had changed now. Her lashes lowered automatically.

She tried to struggle. “Leave me.” She tried but not so easy. She glanced back up into his eyes still gazing her.

She breath moving in and out of her lungs as though she’d just finished a long, hard run.

Maan moved forward and braced one hand against the wall beside her head, the index finger of his other hand moving in a pattern from her ear to her cheek.

Geet wanted to break an eye contact, wanted to run as fast and far away from Maan as she could possibly get. The grim expression on his face was at odds with the torridity of his dark, liquid eyes: a look that both frightened and enthralled her. The urge of touching him was making her insane now.

This proximity was too dangerous for both as the hunger in his eyes were the same of hers. They need to apart and right now.

Her fists firmed and sharp nails torn her delicate flesh of palms. She shot him glare and ran away, leaving him all baffled. What just had happened was beyond his imagination. He never loose control so easily but when she was around his rules start changing.

Maan moved towards his room and took a shower before he goes to sleep. Otherside Geet was restless in his room. This struggles between her thoughts and new developed emotions making her senses blocked. She couldn’t found herself in right state of mind. Why this attraction?

She felt sick over her thoughts and now surely needs a drink to get herself far away from his thoughts. This was insane. “Calm down Geet. Take a long breath.” She tried. Tried harder to control but her body and nervousness needed to be clamed and for that she needs few drinks, again.

“But from where?” She knew guards outside wouldn’t allowed her to go outside of the mansion and inside there is no drink. Her condition again going worst like before. He is too dangerous for her but now she left with no option. She had to tell him her demand, but this thought doesn’t seems good to her. She wants to go far away from him but her needs either this way or that, took her to him. This was all so frustrating and not easy to handle.

Geet was hesitant and thought to knock on his door or not. She tried but no reply from him so she tried to open it. Luckily it wasn’t locked and she got a chance to get in.

Maan was sleeping. She carefully stepped towards him. She ran her hand once through his silky black hair, relishing the ability to touch him freely without his knowing it. Her thumb brushed lightly over his stubbled cheek.

He looked so innocent in his sleep. Without the smirking or the glare of his eyes, it was easier to see past his harsh exterior in order to catch a glimpse of the boy hiding beneath.

She wants to step back but now it’s too late. She leaned over him, fighting with the urge of kissing him and she did. Her desire won.

His lips felt so warm against hers. Her whole body was on fire. Her core was wet with just a touch. She stepped back fearing about the consequences. Her mind could only thinking how those perfect lips felt against her wet core. But it would never going to be happen as he hate her like all others do. He was no different.

Geet tried to move away, least she knew the road she step in have no U turn. His firm grip felt on her wrist and he pulled her back on him and she was laying on him.

Maan encircled her warm body against him. Both glanced into each other’s eyes. The hunger was mutual. Both have pained expression as both were struggling with their wild desires to fuck each other. It was pure raw lust.

“Let me go?” She mumbled.

“Why? Just because I awake?” He rolled her beneath him. Stare her face and eyes. Searching for just one hint. “You think I don’t understand the way you gaping at me?” He pushed her to the edge. His expression was stoic, but his eyes were heated with a mesmerizing stare.

“So you are. You aren’t some saint.” She snapped to hide her attraction which was so obvious to him.

“Yes I am. I never felt any desire for any one before you. Yes I don’t like you but my body wants you. I don’t know why and same with you.” He was blunt and straight. He entwined their hands and kissed on her fingers. Just she underneath him and he is getting out of his control. She was so warm to deny.

Geet glanced into her dark eyes. The pain of hiding his desires and control then day night. He’d been in trouble since the day she’d walked into his office for a meeting. Sweet and nervous. Then she faints in his arms. how could he forgot. His dick had twitched in his tracks immediately, wants her to him, and make her even more breathless until they were both completely sated.

Then her rude behavior. Her attitude of giving him back every time. Which no one couraged before. There was nothing more that he wanted than to tame the little tigress.

“Then what are you waiting for? We are married and we have right on each other for next 6 months.” Her core flooded with liquid heat, and she rubbed her body against him in frustrated passion, irritated because she needed to feel his heated skin against hers. She wanted everything gone between them.

He leaned more on her as though savoring every exposed surface of her body. “If you don’t stop rubbing that luscious body against me, I’ll have you naked and within seconds,” he warned her ominously, his low voice muffled against her temple.

“Show me how you gonna do this?” She challenged and he took her lips. Her eyes slid closed, her senses immediately intoxicated by the feel of his hot, demanding mouth covering hers. She opened to him, and he plundered, taking what he wanted, and at the same time giving her exactly what she needed.

She moaned into his mouth. Responded, giving back exactly what he gave to her, lust crashing over her body like a tidal wave. Maan opened the single knot of her bathrobe without breaking their kiss and made her exposed to him as she wore nothing beneath it. She raised and allowed him to remove it fully.

Reluctantly he parted from her just to get full view of her gorgeous form. “You are beautiful.” He said honestly as his eyes were lingered on her.

Geet moved her hands over his arms and reached to his back. She want him close. He held her from neck and kissed again softly.

“See I don’t know what you are expecting from me as you are my first.” He mummers and left her in shock.

Her eyes widened with this truth. “How could he never fuck any girl after holding a charming features. Any one could ready to fall in his arms then how?” Her mind wasn’t ready to believe on this piece of information but she didn’t drag it. This wasn’t a moment to get into any kind of argument. It was their moment to explore each other.

The fucking desires of them made them crazy and when they got it out of their system their life become normal again so just don’t spoil the mood.

“Nothing particular.” She just replied and kissed him back.

Maan leave a trail of feather kisses and reached down her neck. Softly bite and elect a moan from her mouth. She kissed on his head. He palmed her bosoms and massaged gently before taking each one into his warm mouth one after another. His warm tongue making a small circles around her pebble peaks. He again raised to glance at her face.

Her bare chest was plastered against his heart that was beating uncontrollably fast. “Your heart beating so fast why?”

He didn’t replied and kissed on her forehead. She realized he was not just fucking her but making love to her.

Then, he reached down and spread her legs open wide. “Beautiful,” he whispered as he slipped his finger inside of her. He moved it out of her and replaced it with two fingers the next time, pushing them into her slowly as deep as they’d go. She gasped. He started to move his fingers in and out of her harder and faster.

“You seems ready? Are you?” He asked and she nodded.

Positioning her under him, he kissed her deeply while his cock rubbed against her core. She couldn’t take any more and wrapped her hand around it, leading him into her entrance.

Maan was nervous more than her. He stretched her as much she could. He placed himself and tried to penetrate but she was so tight. He couldn’t just get why it took so much effort as she was casually doing it as per his thoughts. Maan glanced at her. Even after getting wet as she was, it took so much time. With a jerk he entered. It burned like hell when he first tried to enter her. She dug her nails into his back to curb the discomfort. She breathed through it as he stretched her. Eventually, the pain became tolerable. he was fully inside of her now. With each subsequent movement, the penetration went from painfully uncomfortable to painfully incredible. He still taking it slowly but doesn’t understand why she was so tight. But the moment she saw her blood on his cock, he left her instantly.

“You are virgin? But how…” It was a shock more than a question.

Geet nodded and could understand why he act like this as he too think her a whore like other. “I hope now your ego felt satisfied as I am not a used meal. Leftover of don’t know how many.” Her words seems like a taunt but hiding a deep pain inside.

Maan was baffled. He couldn’t able to handle this truth and failure of himself judging her. He quickly rolled out of his bed. Slipped into his track and walked out of the room.

“Maan you can’t leave me like this.” She throwing things in frustration.

Coitus interruptus is terribly uncomfortable and Geet facing both. Interruption and humiliations of rejection as he left her in mid….



PART – 2

Maan was waiting for doctor as the little toddler crying in pain and not leaving Maan for a second. She clung to him as she held her life. Her small hands holding him firmly.

Doctor arrived and he check her head bandage. “Mr. Khurana there is no need to change her bandage.” He said while examine her carefully.

“But doctor it’s paining.” He told him.

“Yes because her injury is new. It take time to heal. So pain is normal. But you don’t worry. I will give her an injection and she will sleep.” He filled his injection and she shook her head in pace.

She patted on his shoulder. “Papa no jection. Isse dukhta hai.” She denied.

Maan stroked her back softly. “You are a brave girl right. And see I am here with you. Don’t scare and you will be fine.” He boosted her and kept her busy in talking while doctor inject medicine into her.

She winced and Maan patted her softly. “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Savitri Devi came there to talk to him but seeing him with her she annoyed and left. “Mr. Khurana why she calling you Papa?” Doctor was also in little shock as he knows everyone in Khurana family.

“Doctor please. Can you keep this to you only? I am trusting you.”

“Okay I will not ask and don’t talk about her. Just take care of her as she is only 2+. May she get fever tonight but don’t worry I am giving you medicine for that in advance.” He handed him prescription and left.

Maan called his servant and told him to brought all the medicines quickly. Meantime she slept due to the effect of medicines.

Maan placed her on bed and dialled someone. “Hello. I need your help.” His stern and serious voice commanding someone.

“Okay you don’t worry. Your work will be done very soon.” The voice over phone assured him.

He glanced the baby girl and left to change as he was very tired.

One side Maan was enduring all inside not telling anyone about this strange toddler he brought at home on the ocassion of his engagement. Other side Handa’s were devasted after this shocking incident.

RP handa threw his anger on lifeless furniture of his house. Seeing him fuming like this both the women feared.

“Please calm down. Why you are punishing yourself?” Avantika tried to cool down the anger of her husband.

“First time I made a wrong choice. How could I fail seeing his real face?” He was angry on himself for selecting a wrong boy for his daughter.

“Why you not seeing the positive side? What if he hides from us? If he want he could do that easily.” She said and got a sharp glare in return.

“You are taking his side?” He snarled.

“Not at all. I am just saying that our daughter is saved so stop thinking about them.”

Avantika whatever said to calm down her husband but her words shakes Geet from inside. She would force to think about him once again. She walked towards her room.

“Geet…” His father was worried but her mother allowed her to be with herself for some time.

“Let her…” She stopped him.

“Geet rushed to balcony and stood there silently for long thinking about the whole incident and about those few moments which she spend with him. Though its a very short time to know someone so deeply but her instinct was failed and she couldn’t believe that she mistook him.

Geet wiped off her tears which form more quickly then she wiped them off. “How could I? He lied but why?” She was angry on him and herself both. She start liking someone genuinely and got betrayal at first hand.

“He have daughter who exactly a look a like of him. Her eyes, nose, forehead all are exactly like him.” Geet’s heart and mind was arguing. “But what if he doesn’t brought her today? He can hide her easily. If he doesn’t brought her we will never got to know about her. And where is her mother?” She was thinking on all aspects.

“Why he made fun of his and our family?” This was the biggest question. Maan wasn’t of those who worked irrationally. He is very calculative and controlled person.

They met 5 times before this engagement and he never do anything which was objectionable. Now she was more confused.

Savitri Devi too sat on her rocking chair and was thinking the same. Her features was exact copy of Maan but if he have a daughter then why he hide it from world and why brought her on the day of his engagement. As far as she knew he likes Geet a lot then why?

Same questions messing both families. His action leave them devasted and battered.

“Papa…” In mid night she awake with a jerk and start crying. Maan was sleeping next to her. Her cries broke his sleep and he to got up. She slipped into his arms, seeking for his warmth only.

“Hey! What happened?” He asked the reason but she shook her head and hold him firmly. “Saw a nightmare?” He stroked her head and asked softly. She nodded.

Maan asked softly what she had been scared of? ” Papa never leave me. I saw you leave me.” She told her fear and his heart ached seeing her longing and fears.

Maan pulled her up in his arms and wiped off her tears. “Papa will never leave you.” He assured little soul and she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck.

Night of storm had passed, might be. Sun dawn and once again routine of all started. Savitri devi still seeking for both her answers and solution of this suddenly occurred problem.

If any one could knew about her, their hard earned name would destroyed in seconds.

“I have to talk about her.” She wants to sort the matter as soon as possible.

Maan and little baby to awake now. She found this new place uncomfortable. “Papa ghar jana hai.” She demands.

“Beta we are at home. Now this is our new home.” He told her and she glanced all around.

“This is our home papa?” She enquired.

“Yes it is. Okay now I want to know how much my baby girl remember? I ask some questions and let’s see if you know the answers or not?” He kept her busy in talking. She nodded and clapped.

“Okay tell me your name?”

“My name is Ruhi.” She replied quickly.

“Full name.” He asked and glanced at her.

“Maan we need to talk.” Before she replied Dadima came and called him out.

Maan stood up and walked outside leaving one servant with her. Both went to study room. She stared him like she going to interrogate some criminal. For the first time he noticed in those old eyes something else but love.

“Maan last night I wouldn’t said anything but now I need proper explanation of your actions. Who is that girl and why you brought her here?” She asked in harsh voice.

Maan stared her back. After his parents she was his only family who raised him. Seeing doubts and anger in her eyes, he was hurt.

“Dadima they were outsiders so I don’t care what they think but you are my Dadima. My strength and support system. But why I feel I lost everything last night?” Instead of clearing her doubts he questioned back.

“Maan don’t try to act smart before me. I asked a simple question and need my answers right now.” She snarled leaving her patience.

Maan stood stiffened before her. He was hurt badly and deeply. “What you think dadima?” Again he replied by asking another question.

“Maan don’t test my patience.” She yelled her lungs out.

“Then think what you want. I am not going to explain myself. When my own loved ones couldn’t find me trustable.” He said and walked out.

“Maan you can’t run like this. I won’t allowed any one to destroy my family name. Not even you. If you commit a mistake then admit it and get rid of her as soon as possible.”

He stood at the door. “She is not going anywhere. She is my responsibility and I would never run from that. You know.” He replied briskly and walked away.

Maan entered in his room and she ran to him. Wrapped her tiny arms around his legs. Maan lifts her up. “Nakul bring clothes and toys for her. She need to change.” He commands to his servant.

Maan decided to stay at home with her as he don’t trust anyone now, not even his grandmother. Plus Ruhi too not ready to leave him for a second.


PART – 1

Whole Khurana was decorated like a bride and why not after all Khurana heir is going to engage today. Khurana’s, well known name of not only in Delhi but in whole India. There was a time when no one know about them but today any kid could explain about them.

Ranjit Khurana set up on small scale and afterwards they never look back. Every Khurana heir add more fortune and name to their empire.

Today their crowned prince was supposed to get engage Geet Handa, daughter of india’s next leading name Rudr Pratap Handa. She was a perfect combination of beauty with brains. In short Perfect daughter in law for Khurana’s. The moment Savitri Devi met her, she took her decision to add this girl to their gems so she would not only produce a royal blood for them but also help in handling their vast empire which was spread in many countries. She was shrewd like her husband Ranjit. Very calculative and sharp.

This engagement was big celebration for Khuranas because after 27 years they were celebrating this a real happiness. Parties and festivals were so common for them. But this was an ocassion which gave old lady a real happiness. Seeing her grandson getting engaged made her insanely happy.

RP and his wife Avantika along with Savitri Devi attending guests for the evening. No big name of society was missing. Everyone wants to be a part of this moment to please Khuranas and Handas.

“Geet you are so damn lucky sweetheart. Truly speaking I am getting jealous of you right now.” Her friends teasing her in a room where she was waiting for her would be husband.

Geet smiled. “Maan is lucky to have me.” Her attitude and sobar smile reflecting her demeanour. Today she was looking like a princess came straight from heaven. Anyone could go insane to get her. An epitome of beauty.

All laughed. “Let’s see who tamed the other one.” One other teasing her.

Time passes in pace but there is no sign of groom. He was still missing.

“Mrs. Khurana where is Maan? All guests are waiting.” Rudr now sounds anxious as it was too late. He checked his Rolex 50th time.

“Rudr. Calm down. I told you he visit gurgaon for a meeting. Though I told him to postpone but clients were important and you know business comes first.” She sound very compose. “But you don’t worry I’ll call him.” She went outside to talk with her grandson in peace.

Before she dialled him, her phone buzzed and it was from Maan. She smiled and quickly picked up his call. “Maan bete where are you? All guests are waiting.

“Dadima listen to me very carefully. Please send all the guests.” He suddenly said something which gave a bolt to old woman.

“What are you saying son. If it is a joke then I don’t like it.” She scolds him over phone.

“Dadima please I can’t explain you right now. But you want any scene before media then called them off.” His serious and pleading tone raised her heartbeat.

“Maan what exactly happened and where are you?” Now she too turned apprehensive about the situation.

“Dadima I can’t tell you over phone. Just do it what I said. Make sure no outsider remain at home when I get back home.” He requested.

Savitri devi understood the seriousness as she never heard him this much anxious and helpless. But now what would she do. She had to made an excuse to called off all the guests.

Thanks to her cunning brain she knew how to handle tough situation. She went inside and made an announcement that their priest called them and told her that sudden changes of some time would restricted this day for engagement. She apologized for the trouble and send them away.

RP didn’t questioned before media and guests but when all left he enquired strongly. “What’s going on Mrs. Khurana? Both of our astrologers confirmed this date perfect for engagement then how come suddenly your astrologer changed his mind?” He tone was resenful.

Savitri Devi told him everything and now all wait for Maan to come back. Geet came down to joined her parents when this news broke on her. She was also nervous. No one knows the reason of Maan’s weird behavior.

After half an hour he walked into the main hall where all were waiting for him.

His handsome face was faded but more trauma was on the face of the personas welcome him at home.

All’s eyes widened seeing him. Rudr Pratap who was fuming furiously seeing him glared a shot to Savitri Devi.

He clapped. “Wow Mrs. Khurana. What a pleasant surprise you give us.” He taunts and Maan stood silent.

Savitri devi too was in shock. “What is this Maan?” She roared.

All questioning him but he stood silent there. He reacts only at one sound. “Papa hum kaha aaye hai?” A small girl approx 2-3 years was hanging with his neck asked curiously seeing the strange surroundings.

Hearing Papa from her mouth confirmed their doubts. “So this was the main problem your astrologer tells you this evening.” Avantika too taunts Savitri.

“Maan who is this girl?” She roared on her grandson.

“Papa bolo na hum kaha aaye hai?” She held his cheek and tried to grab his attention which was fix on Geet that moment. She was staring him with doubt.

It’s true this relation was fixed by their parents but both start liking each other genuinely after their first meeting. Geet’s eyes carrying doubt, anger and lot more that moment.

“She is calling him papa and you still need an explanation Mrs. Khurana.” Avantika taunts again.

“She is your grandson’s illegitimate child which he hides from the world.” RP fuming badly.

“If your grandson wad already married before then why you hide this from world. Or he left that girl to after use?”, All blaming Savitri Devi and questioning his character but Maan all taking silently.

Neither he tried to defend himself nor he denied any blame. He was only staring Geet.

“Enough.” Geet was fed up with all blame game as none comes out with that. She went to Maan. “Why? Just reply to this. If you have someone in your life before then why you spoiled my life?” Her almond eyes welled up and that was tears of anger.

“You think I cheat you?” He finally opened his mouth to question back.

Geet was shedding more tears. Both staring into each other eyes. Her mother came and drag her out before she could reply. “Mrs. Khurana we break all the ties with your family. Ab ye shadi nahi hogi and thanks to your grandson who accept his mistake before this engagement happen.” He joined hands before her in mocking way and left with his family in anger.

“Aap kuchh kehna chahte hai ya nahi? Aaj apki wajahse. Only because of you I face this much humiliations for the very first time. You degraded Khurana name.” His grandmother was hell angry on him.

“Papa dukh la hai.” Little girl again intrupts and pointed at her injury.

Maan instead of explaining got alert at her and took her to his room. He called the doctor at home instantly…..


PART – 13


Guys I want to know why all are blaming Maan for no reason? Is any one trying to understand his side frustration. Is loving your family a crime? Because of his family he had to marry a girl whom he doesn’t want around him. He is also a human being and he too get hurt. just keep yourself in his situation. Will any of you cherish a forcing on yourself? If your loved ones forced to do something which you definitely don’t want what will you do? Will you be happy? Then why cursing him?

So don’t be biast all the time. Trying to think logically.

Even after his dislike for this marriage he always help Geet whenever she needs. So be patient and stop cursing him.

It’s 6 pm when he arrived home. His phone rang at the same time. Before he move into her room he checked his phone. Sukhdev Lal Handa was calling him.

He felt skeptical but choose to answer back. “Hello grandfather. How are you doing today?” He asked a formal questions in a very settled tone.

“I am fine son. But little bit worried for Geet. She is not answering my calls. It never happened before.” Maan caught the apprehensiveness in his voice.

“No need to worry about her. She is absolutely fine. Might she forgot her phone at home. I am on the way. I will call you back the moment she returns home.” Maan hate lying but he left with no choice. He doesn’t want to hurt an old man.

“No no putter ji. No need of that. You must be tired. So relax. She will call me back whenever she saw my calls.” Though he said for formality but Maan knows he would be happy only after hearing her voice.

“Good night grand father.” He said and hung up the call.

Next he received a call from his own family. He knows they were tensed for them so he quickly picked up the call. “Hi mom how are you.”

“We all are fine don’t worry about us. Just tell me how are you both there?” His mother sound same as her grandfather.

“Mom don’t worry. I am fine and Geet too.” He assured her.

“We called on her phone too but she didn’t answer. Maan tell me the truth. Wo theek to hai na?”

Maan turned silent as he himself don’t know. “Yes mom she is fine and don’t worry I will tell her to call you back.” He lied to her also as right now he don’t have any other option.

“Le papa se baat kar.” She handed a phone to Ranjit Khurana.

“Hello my son. We all are missing you.” His voice told him how much his family missing them.

“I miss you too grandpa.” Maan’s heart ached too. “Grandpa trust me I will not do anything which make you ashamed.” He added without any of his asking.

“I know my junior. Take care of her. God bless you both.” He said and cut the call.

Maan straight headed towards her room. She was sleeping on floor. Empty bottle of wine was rolling around her head.

“Geet…” He patted her cheek and she opened her eyes for two seconds. She was slurring her words and muttering something which he couldn’t understand.

Maan scooped her and made her laid properly on her bed.

He put her blanket to covered her. He pulled off her sandals and made her laid in a comfortable position. Maan sat on the side of her bed and ran his hand through her silky hairs.

The reason of drinking was not yet clear to him but after hearing from servant he arranged alcohol for her. She looked so innocent while sleeping.

He was thinking again why her grandfather allowed this much drinking. or might she was so stubborn to gave an ear to his words. Once again he adjusted her blanket before leaving her room.

Maan called his servant and enquired. “She ate anything or not?”

“No sir. She just grabbed the bottle and told all of us not to enter again in her room.” He informed.

Maan shook his head and walked away. He was upset as she intake this much alcohol without eating anything. He was worried as they were not in India. There he can called his family doctor for her check up but there he had to admit her to hospital. He was in deep thought and then reminded of something. He quickly called Adi.

“Adi your brother in law is doctor in New York, right.” He asked to confirm.

“Yes he is but why you asking at this time?” Adi got concerned.

“I need your help.” Maan told him the matter and he assured him.

After half an hour doctor visit his mansion. “Thank you so much for coming.” He showed gratitude.

“Its okay. Adi is family and he requested me. Where is patient?” He asked politely.

Maan showed him the way. “Mr. Khurana why you called me here. Ita better you admit your wife in hospital.” He said while walking towards Geet’s room.

“I want you to check her before. If it’s needed then I will.” Maan assured him.

He took him inside her room. She was sleeping. Doctor checked her up. “Don’t worry she is just under the effect of alcohol. But you have to take care of her as this much drinking is not good.” He cautioned him and Maan nodded.

Both left her room. “Thanks once again for coming and please don’t talk about this to anyone.” Maan requested.

“Don’t worry you can trust me. Adi briefed me.” He assured him and left.

Maan changed and got busy in work. Geet got up at dinner time but her head was spinning badly because of the hangover. Maan was checking her in between and when she awake he gave her lime juice and medicines, prescribed by the doctor.

“Take this you will feel better.” He handed her medicine and without any fuss she silently took it from him as she wants to get rid of her headache.

She looks completely messed. Her hair disheveled and eyes bloodshot. Now come and eat something. “He invite her which she rejected on his face.

“I don’t wanna go anywhere. Bring my food here.” She demands.

Maan don’t found any need of argument so he signaled his servant. Both left to brought her food. Maan stood up to leave. “Call your grandfather. He is anxious. You didnt replied to his calls so he called me.” Maan conveyed his message and leave.

Her head is still spinning but she managed to find her phone on side table 50 miss calls. How could she not heard any. She regrets and quickly called back to him.

After hearing her voice her grandfather will be in peace and happy too. “I am sorry dadu.” She apologized.

“Puttarji kaha the aap? Princess how many times I told you never forget carrying your phone. Again you left your phone at home.” He believe what Maan briefed to him and same he told to Geet.

Geet doesn’t got what he was saying. “Dadu my phone is with me…”

“Wo to ab hai. But Maan told me you left your phone at home. I was so worried.” He explained.

He lied, but why?” Geet thought for few seconds when again her grandfather’s voice catch her attention.

“You okay my princess?” He asked again.

“Yes dadu. I am absolutely fine. Don’t worry about me. Just take care of your health.” She assured him and hung up the call.

Then she heard a knock on her door. She permitted and servant brought food trolly inside. “Anything else mam you need?” He asked softly.

Her stomach now growling. She was hungry so doesn’t made fuss. “No it’s perfect. You just leave now.” She send him and relish her food after whole one day.

She now realized how much time had passed. After enjoying her dinner peacefully, she picked up her mobile and start checking notifications. There was nothing much as she don’t have friends. So it’s just for time pass. She had lot of games in her phone so she quickly moved their and start playing. After an hour she come out of her bed and glanced herself in mirror. “I need a bath.” She said and moved inside for shower.